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Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center
Shelley Smith, Founder & Director
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About Our Classes:
Due to the need for social distancing, we are currently offering all of our classes via live streaming on Zoom or Skype, instead of in-person. Our schedule and instructions for registering are listed below. The instructor will guide you through a class featuring slow, gentle stretch, with breathing awareness and deep relaxation practice designed to calm and focus the mind and promote mind-body well-being. All of our instructors have years of yoga-teaching-experience and of living the practice.

Please select a class from the schedule and either call us (859-254-9529) or email us at so we can confirm whether there are openings in the class, whether it is the best fit for you, and calculate the fee (depending on the number of weeks in the series and whether discounts apply). Then we will email to you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay from a PayPal account or by credit card of your choice.

Note: You may join a class at any point in the series if there are openings in the class you have selected. The fee is based on a rate x the number of classes left in a series when you begin. We also have a fee for a single class. New students receive a 20% discount for their first yoga class series.

On-line Yoga Classes: Schedule
1. Yoga Monday 10:00 am
2. Yoga Monday 6:00 pm
3. Yoga Tuesday 6:00 pm
4. Yoga Wednesday 6:00 pm
5. Yoga Thursday 10:00 am
6. Yoga Thursday 1:30 pm
7. Yoga Thursday 6:00 pm
8. Beginners Yoga Saturday 10:00 am
9. Youth Yoga (Ages 8-12) Sunday 1:00 pm

On-line Meditation Classes: Schedule
10. Mindful Awareness & Kindness Sunday 3:00 pm
11. Mindful Awareness & Kindness for School Teachers
      (Day and time to be announced}

Our Yoga Program and Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program in Lexington, KY can help you build vibrant health, neutralize stress, and discover ways to be kind to yourself.