The Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center, Lexington, KY

Mental Wellness Therapeutics, Inc. and
Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center
Shelley Smith, Founder & Director
322 W. 2nd St. Lexington, KY 40507
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About Us

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Our Founder/Director and Staff

Directions to our Center

Free Parking

Nutritional Supplements We Offer

Yoga Therapy Programs

Our Founder/Director

Shelley Smith, Founder and Director of Mental Wellness Therapeutics, Inc/Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center, is a Behavioral Therapist specializing in cognitive behavioral modification techniques. She is also a registered Yoga Therapist and a certified Yoga Teachers' Trainer, in addition to being an author and a public speaker.

Ms. Smith has been teaching Yoga and training Yoga instructors for over 35 years. Her teaching conveys a depth and conviction that come from her expertise in many aspects of Yoga, and she has established several non-profit teaching and therapeutic Centers incorporating behavior modification techniques, individual and group counseling, Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy.

In addition to teaching, Shelley Smith offers seminars, retreats and training for health professionals using behavioral modification techniques, throughout the United States. She also offers in-depth study of classic Yoga texts. Her book of reflections, Mother Light, was published in 1994 and describes her meditative path of self-discovery. The book’s foreword was written by a former Archbishop of Canterbury who used the book for his morning meditation.

Our Staff

Shelley Smith has trained all instructors for Mental Wellness Therapeutics, Inc/Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center. Our instructors have each trained for a minimum of four years and are teacher-certified. The Center’s staff includes Martha Clay, Kathy Grossman, Anne Harvey, Betty Higgins, Jim Holzman, Martine Holzman, Karen Lodes and Karen Thompson.


We are located in the historic district of Gratz Park in downtown Lexington, between Mill and Broadway at 322 West 2nd Street. Our building is red brick with cream trim around the windows. West 2nd Street is one-way (going West toward Broadway).

  • Approaching from BROADWAY

  • Going NORTH on Broadway, turn right on Short, left on Mill and left on 2nd Street


    Going SOUTH on Broadway, turn left on 3rd street, right on Mill, and right on 2nd Street

  • Approaching from LIMESTONE

  • Turn left at 2nd Street and drive several blocks (we are between Mill and Broadway, on the left).

  • Approaching from WINCHESTER RD/THIRD ST.

  • Going WEST on Third, turn left on Mill, and right on 2nd Street


    We rent the parking lot belonging to the Woman’s Club, located across the street, where our students can park for free during most classes (enter the gate on Broadway).

  • Just drive past our building and turn right at Broadway, swinging around the corner and into the first driveway on the right. You’ll see a large white building with columns (the Woman’s Club) next to the parking lot.

  • There are also metered parking spaces in front of our building and along Second Street, which are free of charge at night and on weekends.


    Nutritional Supplements We Offer

    As part of our mission of promoting health and well-being, the Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center carries a selection of excellent nutritional supplements and body-care products for sale at discounted prices. The brands we carry include:

    Aubrey Organics


    Jarrow Formulas

    Enzymatic Therapy


    Nature’s Sunshine

    Udo’s Choice


    Rainbow Light

    Gaia Herbs


    Restored Balance

    Guayaki Yerba Mate


    Wellness Watchers Greens1st

    If you purchase an 8-month membership to our Center, you receive a 10% discount on supplements as well as on Yoga classes. Please contact us for additional information about the products we offer.

    Yoga Therapy Programs

    Our Yoga Therapy Programs include the following:

  • Yoga Classes for those with Asthma and Allergies
  • Yoga for those with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Yoga Stress Reduction Course for those with Cardiovascular Disease
  • In addition to offering General and Beginners Yoga classes, the Center also offers Yoga Therapy Programs designed for people with specific health concerns, and for those living with chronic illness or recovering from injury or surgery. These programs make Yoga practice accessible to students with fibromyalgia, respiratory problems, hypertension, back pain, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis as well as those experiencing the effects of cancer. The Center is listed with the American Cancer Society's Local Resources Database and has provided programs for the Kentucky Chapter of the National M.S. Society and for numerous Support Groups. The Center also provided Yoga instruction for participants in Fibromyalgia Research conducted by the University of Kentucky. Our Yoga Therapy Programs are supervised by Shelley Smith, Founder and Director of the Yoga Health & Therapy Center.