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Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program (Meditation)
Behavioral Modification Approaches

The practice of Mindful Awareness & Kindness calms the nervous system and strengthens the mind. It reduces stress, helps you connect with inner stillness, and increases mindfulness in daily life. Our Center offers classes and retreats on a regular basis for students practicing at various levels, from beginners to experienced meditators. Weekly and monthly group Mindfulness Meditation practice sessions are available for students after completing our introductory course.

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Mindful Awareness & Kindness (Meditation) Classes

Mindful Awareness & Kindness: Meditation Practice Sessions

Psychodynamic Yoga/Meditation Training

Dream Work

Stress Management with Yoga

Yoga Therapy Programs


Pre-registration is necessary for our classes. Please call or email us for the starting dates and fees, and see additional listings on our Calendar page.

Mindful Awareness & Kindness: Introductory Meditation Course

Mindfulness Meditation helps you focus and calm the mind, reduce stress, and deepen resilience. This practice also enhances patience and self-compassion and is based on the concept of awareness, acceptance and appreciation. The course includes explanation and guided practice of meditation techniques that you will reinforce with home practice. It also provides background for students who would like to attend our group practice sessions and retreats.

  • 5-week Course, designed for beginners (or as review for those who have some experience but are not yet practicing regularly). Please contact us by email or phone to reserve space in the course.

  • Each 1-hour class includes instruction, practice time, and question/answer discussion.
  • Mindful Awareness & Kindness Course for School Teachers

    We now offer an introductory Mindfulness Meditation Course designed especially for school teachers. Mindfulness Meditation helps us create a Pause before we act, which enables us not to be overwhelmed and provides a way to connect instead with inner calm, creativity and patience. With this practice, we can spontaneously model mindful living for our students. A NEW SESSION on Wednesdays at 6:00 - 7:00 pm, will begin SOON. Please contact us for more information, and to reserve space in the course.

    Additional Courses, Phases 2-4

    A preparation course is offered for each level of practice, with optional group practice sessions, based on techniques presented in that course, as follow-up. Each Course builds on skills and principles learned in the preceding courses.

    The Bahamas: Concentration/Meditation Courses

    A preparation course is offered for each level of practice, with optional group practice sessions, based on techniques presented in that course, as follow-up. Each Course builds on skills and principles learned in the preceding courses.

    Retreats and Special Programs

    Advanced classes and retreats are offered quarterly by Shelley Smith, Director of the Center. The classes are designed for those who have completed our introductory meditation course, "Mindful Awareness & Kindness." Please contact us for more information or to reserve space in a class. These programs will also be listed on our Calendar page.


    Meditating with others can help you strengthen and deepen your practice and reduce stress. The following on-going practice sessions (Sittings) are open to students who have completed our introductory course in Mindfulness In Awareness. If you plan to attend, please email us or call ahead to let us know. Each month, visit our calendar page, showing dates and times of each activity.

    Mindful Awareness & Kindness Practice

  • Based on techniques presented in our introductory Mindfulness In Awareness Course. A guided, 40-minute Session (with breaks), is offered on Sundays at 10:00 am.

    AUM-Breathing Practice

  • 40-minute sessions held several times each month. This technique combines awareness of heart-felt feelings with a focus on breath and subtle sound.

    Even-Minded Yoga Concentration Session

  • A 40-minute heart-centered practice session.

    Objective Yoga Concentration Practice

  • This 40-minute, monthly session (on a Thursday at 7:20 pm) focuses on the movement of the breath.

    Silent Practice

  • You may practice any technique, in silence. We have 50-minute silent sessions weekly on Sundays at 9:00 am, and on Tuesdays a 10:00 am. Once a month, we have a 50-minute Silent Sitting & Walking Meditation session on a Saturday at 4:00 pm.

    Sky-Breathing Practice

  • A heart-centered technique combining visualization and breath awareness. A 45-minute session.

    Sound Vibration Practice

  • A 45-minute quided session, focusing on sound vibrations, rhythm and silence. Held monthly.

    My Sense of Me

  • A 45-minute guided session, with practice in sensing and letting go of tension by centering in awareness.


    Increase understanding and acceptance of yourself and others through Psychodynamic Yoga/Meditation Training. Learn how the power of presence aids us in taking responsibility for and transforming our habitual patterns and mechanical reactions. These programs are offered by Shelley Smith, Founder and Director of our Center. As part of this series, Shelley also offers monthly or bi-monthly classes in Yoga-Vedanta, with commentary and meditations on the Bhagavad Gita. For more information about this program or to reserve space, please contact the Center. Please call or email us for more information or to reserve space in a program.


    Experience the healing capacity of your creative mind through Dream Work. Dream Work is an effective method of unlocking the energy of dreams and gaining insight into yourself. Prior experience in meditation practice is helpful. Dream Work sessions are facilitated by Shelley Smith, Founder and Director of the Center. For more information, please call or email the Center.


  • Impulse and desire often create our nocturnal dreams. Recognizing the emotional content of a mere dream symbol* in waking state is an instictive moment of elf-understanding. A true opportunity for self-compassion to naturally happen. HAVE A GREAT DREAM TONIGHT. *Reinventing yourself with dream symbols by Shelley Smith, Huffington Post; Buzzfeed.

    YOGA, THE INNER VIEW (Stress Management Course)

    Learn to reduce and recover from stress creatively through learning Mindful Yoga principles and techniques. This 4-week class includes training in:

  • How to recognize and release your unique stress-holding patterns
  • Understanding the stress response and the relaxation response
  • Effective mind-body wellness techniques such as eye yoga, gentle yoga stretch in chairs, breathing awareness, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and Meditation.
  • Each class includes practice and discussion. This coursex will be offered on Sundays at 3:30-4:30 pm, starting soon. For information, contact the Center by phone or email.


    While most students experience therapeutic effects from their Yoga practice, our Yoga Therapy Programs are designed especially for people with specific health concerns, and for those living with chronic illness or recovering from injury or surgery. These sessions include Yoga Exercise, Breathing Awareness, Relaxation Techniques and Yoga techniques for calming the mind. Our Yoga Therapy Programs are supervised by Shelley Smith, Founder and Director of the Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center.

    In addition to Yoga Therapy Sessions for individuals, our Yoga Therapy Programs include:

  • Yoga Classes for those with Asthma and Allergies

  • Yoga Classes for those with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Yoga Stress Reduction Course for those with Cardiovascular Disease
  • For information about each program, please visit our Yoga Classes page.