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The Yoga Health Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 1981.

The Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center is the registered owner of the website with the domain name of “”.

The principles of the ancient science of Yoga are essential for balanced living in today’s world. Our Yoga Program and Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program in Lexington, KY can help you build vibrant health, neutralize stress, and discover well-being.

At this time, we are making changes in our Yoga Health Center family of services. The change we are making is that we no longer offer any massage methods or therapies.


  • Small Classes, Personal Attention, Peaceful Setting, Established in 1981
  • Because we limit class size, students receive the necessary individualized attention, and we can provide a quiet, supportive atmosphere conducive to letting go of daily stress. Students tell us they feel the calm from the moment they walk in the door.

  • Teachings Based on Traditional Principles and Personal Practice
  • After years of study, practice and reflection, our Founder, Shelley Smith, was asked by her teacher to establish a school in America, to share the ancient tradition of Yoga health and its underlying philosophy in a way that is meaningful and effective for people today. Shelley offers Yoga and Meditation Retreats at our Center. She also offers monthly Yoga-Vedanta Classes featuring selected passages from the Bhagavad Gita. Shelley has trained all of our instructors, who have experienced the benefits of Yoga and Mindful Awareness & Kindness (Meditation), and are inspired to share what they have learned with others.

    AOL's Huffington Post website published a series of four articles in 2011 featuring an interview with Shelley Smith about her Dream Awakening techniques. To read the articles on AOL'S (AOL HEALTHY LIVING Section), please visit our "Dream Awakening" page!

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation for Your Wedding Party
  • Learn enjoyable yoga and meditation techniques to reduce stress, clear your mind, and increase energy. This program is designed to help participants develop positive skills for reducing stress, as well as to provide an enjoyable relaxation break for the bride and bridesmaids, or for the bride, groom and friends, etc., during the hectic preparations for the wedding day. Available as a weekly course or a one-time workshop or party activity.

    A Special Treat for the Bride: For a delicious, healthy and original recipe designed to help brides feel calm, please click this link to visit the website of our friends at Martine's Pastries.

  • Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program for School Teachers
  • We now offer our 5-week introductory course in Mindful Awareness & Kindness on Wednesdays at 6:00-7:00 pm, designed especially for school teachers. Mindfulness Meditation helps us create a Pause before we act, which enables us not to be overwhelmed and provides a way to connect instead with inner calm, creativity, and patience. With this practice, we can spontaneously model mindful living for our students. A NEW SESSION STARTS SOON. Please contact us for more information about the program.

  • Yoga: The Inner View
  • This unique program is based on Yoga principles of well-being and stress reduction, in addition to presenting eye Yoga and other Yoga awareness techniques to enhance relaxation and creativity. Activities include eye exercises, chair yoga, breath-work and guided imagery to deeply relax mind and body and to reduce stress in daily life.

  • Behavioral Modification Approaches and Yoga Therapy Programs
  • In addition to instruction in Yoga and Meditation, we also offer special programs which integrate Yoga principles to help participants play a more active role in building their own health and well-being. These programs include Psychodynamic Yoga/Meditation Training, Dream Work, Stress Management Classes, and Yoga Therapy Sessions.

  • Equine Yoga Program
  • This program features private instruction in Yoga techniques on horseback to enhance the relationship of rider and horse. The practice of Equine Yoga leads to improved flexibility, postural alignment, and breathing for riding comfort. Participants build a relaxed, confident attitude for the riding experience and for daily life.

  • Non-profit; Operating Since 1981
  • Established as a non-profit organization in 1981, Mental Wellness Therapeutics, Inc/Yoga Meditation & Therapy Center has been serving the community continuously since that time, promoting health and well-being for students through our classes and for the public through lectures and educational programs. Our programs are available in Georgia (Athens), Kentucky (Lexington, and Paris), and Texas. A partial list of agencies we have worked with appears below.*


    Behavioral Modification Approaches:
    Psychodynamic Yoga Training
    Dream Work
    Stress Management Classes

    Yoga Instruction:
    Beginners Yoga Classes
    General Yoga Classes (Mixed level)
    Yoga in the Workplace
    Yoga & Mindfulness Training for Youth (children 6-10 years old with an adult)
    Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation For Your Wedding 
    Yoga-Vedanta Classes featuring the Bhagavad Gita
    Guided Study of Yoga Philosophy
          (based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & other texts)

    Meditation Instruction:
    Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program: Introductory Course
    Mindful Awareness & Kindness Program for School Teachers
    Group Practice Sessions (Weekly & Monthly)
    Additional Classes (Phases 2-4) & Quarterly Retreats
    Mindfulness Meditation Instruction for Children and Families

    Yoga Therapy Programs:
    Private Yoga Sessions for those with specific health concerns
    Yoga Classes for those with Multiple Sclerosis
    Yoga Classes for those with Asthma and Allergies
    Chair Yoga Instruction

    Equine Yoga Program:
    Private Yoga Instruction on Horseback


    American Cancer Society, Lexington Chapter
    Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
    Central Baptist Hospital
    Kentucky National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program
    St. Joseph Hospital
    Lexington Public Library
    National M.S. Society, Kentucky Chapter
    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc.
    University of Georgia, College of Nursing
    University of Kentucky, College of Medicine

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